Owner Networth (ETH)


When a pepe is sold

86% of the pepe sell price goes to the owner of the pepe
6% to the owners of the 3 most expensive pepe's (2% each)
4% to the last buyer on the market
4% to dev or creator of sold pepe
Buyer then receives pepe, and the price of it increases

Donate to a random pepe owner
(In development)


There was a pepe dapp that was created recently that exit scammed, and people were left holding bags. I have imported the last bag holders from the scammers contract over to here, and they are now pepe owners (You can view these addresses in the contracts constructor)

Metamask Recommended

MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet that runs in your browser, where you have full control over the funds. It gives you the ability to interact with websites using smart contracts, and to send and receive Ether. Once you have MetaMask installed, you can start purchasing! Payments will be sent directly to your wallet for your market earnings.


Displayed on the market place under your purchased contract

Buy price: .
If someone buys the contract from you, you will be paid .

Please note: If you get outbid, you will be refunded